Rowse Tough

Quality, dependable, American-made equipment.

'Rowse Tough' rakes, mowers, scrapers and bale haulers are all built for years of dependability and low maintenance costs. With dealers in 32 states and Canada, we’ve been providing quality haying equipment to satisfied customers for more than 50 years.

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Haying done the Rowse way

Dump Rake

Ideal for making big windrows for large round balers.

No matter what your haying system, with a Rowse Rake you can make the size of windrow you need to fit your system – even in light or uneven hay – for baling or stacking.

Tough enough for the big jobs, versatile enough for small areas.

Single Bar Mower

Rowse Rakes has a wide variety of single bar mowers to suit your needs.

  • 3-Point Mounted Mower
  • 7' or 9' Bar Lengths
  • IH or NH style heads
Designed for maximum speed curing time

Sidekick Windrow Turner

Designed as a multipurpose management tool, the Sidekick Windrow Turner will lift and turn any existing windrow to speed curing time or dry one that is wet from rain or dew.

  • 5" x 1/4" square tubing
  • Field speed determines windrow width
  • Adjustable raking wheels
Heavy-duty, reliable hauling

Bale Haulers

Our bale haulers feature teeth made to last.

  • Adjustable tooth width on the Single Bale Hauler
  • Teeth float over uneven ground
  • Separate tooth support
  • Teeth are made from 3"x3" 5/16" wall tubing
Built with durable, all welded construction


The versatility of Rowse Scrapers allows you to move dirt, level land, dig holes, clear areas and drain or fill low spots. The complete operation is controlled by one single-spool, double-acting hydraulic control valve.

  • Heavy-duty rectangular steel tubing frames
  • 2¼" main hinge pivots
  • 3-piece frost blade
  • Removable and reversible 8' cutting blades


In addition to our quality, American-made haying equipment, Rowse also offers a variety of mower-related and industrial services, including:

  • Mower Head Rebuilding
  • Powder Coating

Looking for parts?

Visit our parts page for detailed parts lists and complete assembly diagrams for our equipment.

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Focused on quality products and customer satisfaction.

All Rowse Products are 100% made in the USA, and built ‘ROWSE TOUGH’ for years of dependability, and low maintenance costs.

For over 50 years their goals of quality and customer satisfaction assure you that you are getting the best available product for your money!

Customer Stories
Rowse has great, quality equipment. We own several pieces of their haying equipment and nothing beats them.
John & Jeremy Ryan, 2JR Farms
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